Can't stop thinking about my ex? regrets?

last year i went through a really rough patch i was popping pills and attempted suicide and ended up cheating on my boyfriend twice while i was wasted... horrible i know...he was the most incredible loving fun person who treated me like a queen... but i felt like i was looking for an escape i was so messed up. i left him for another guy who i did really like. now im still with my current boyfriend who i love a lot but he doesn't show that he loves me the same way my ex did... he's much more selfish and not as "goofy" "weird" haha... anyway my ex has a new girlfriend now and he's blocked me on everything and is completely over me...i feel like i lost the love of my life what do i do? i can't leave my current boyfriend though i love him too and i would destroy him. How do you stop regretting a break up and move on?


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  • I think that you really DO need to end this relationship. I say this for three reasons. 1) It's not fair to your current boyfriend for you to still give part of your heart to your ex. 2) This new relationship is clearly not fulfilling you.

    And 3), the most significant reason, is that it sounds like you have deep and serious issues that you have not yet overcome. If you want to have the happiest and most fulfilling relationship that you can, then you need some time on your own to heal. You need some time to learn more about yourself, to rediscover yourself.

    You need to identify where all this pain and suffering is coming from. You need to be able to face in some way whatever it is that is the source of your torment.

    But the one thing that you must do, difficult as it may be, is to leave your current relationship. Staying in a relationship that is unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilling will do nothing more than continue your cycle of suffering, especially if you continue to long for your previous boyfriend.

    None of this will be easy or fast, but it must, and more importantly, CAN be done.


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  • Mmmm.. I don't know. I would say to try and fix things between y'all but if you don't want to leave the current boyfriend then I really don't know how else you'd get over this regret. Maybe it's guilt your feeling instead? Because regret I think would be more like 'I wish I was still with him I need to fix this..' If it's guilt then forgive yourself and try your hardest to move on.

  • It's sad that someone who is worthy is the one being left. I would mourn for him from his rejection and you from a hindsight. You initiated the breakup in the first place and having loss feelings that is hurting you. Just imagine how mirthless it is to be with someone who is unworthy of your love. If your current relationship didn't work well, be positive and focus on your brighter future.


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