Me and my ex talk all the time... is this weird?

Me and my ex broke up about two weeks ago after seven and a half months (he's graduating college in Dec. and with his career, he could be anywhere and thinks it's morally wrong to drag me into something like that especially if I still have two years left in college. He can't handle being in a long-term relationship because of that. He promises me I did nothing wrong and he won't be getting into a relationship for a long time and has no interest in anybody right now though he'll still have feelings for me for awhile. He said he loved dating me and made his school year so much better). It was really hard for the both of us, but he still considers me his best friend and says I'm the reason he's the person who he is today. He also still really wants me around his life for a long, long time.

The thing is, we both said we needed space for awhile and I've tried doing it but we talk ALL THE TIME. I tried doing the "no contact rule" but we still talk all of the time like we never broke up. We still see each other as much as we did when we were dating. He still holds doors open for me when we go somewhere. I'm pretty sure he was flirting with me last night too. He still wants me going to a festival with him back home at the end of this month. He still has all the gifts I got him during our relationship. Everything we had is still there except the romance parts. I know I'm not over him and I don't think he's over me either. I mean you can't just walk away and be over things instantly.

So... is this weird that we still act like this though we're broken up? I'm just so confused.
It's also possible that he might not move far but he doesn't prefer to be in the state we live in now and suggests I do the same when I go to grad school. He said if he somehow lives close to me with his career, he'd like to get back together with me


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  • I'd say no, it's not weird. After all, you were together for a reason. Breaking up doesn't ruin all of that.

    Is it healthy however? I'd say no. Because in the end that romance part may be very important for either of you and it is often a lot harder getting over people who you still see or talk to.


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  • No, it's not weird at all! Would you rather him be cold and hateful towards you?

    I talk to my ex, too. We established a great relationship, and I still love her very much.

    • Love him as in friendship or romance?

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    • Yeah, we were never intimate. She lives in Belarus, and I live in the USA. We were never together.

    • Well the thing is me and my ex got to the intimate point and we were intimate often. We even hooked up quite a bit before we started dating. I think we are on a different level here with our exes.

  • Yay you're still friends :D that's nice. You don't have to be bitter just because things didn't work out.

    • I'm not bitter, I'm just confused. My past exes usually cut me off though I was the one that broke it off with them.

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