Guys after breaking up with a girl what do you think about them giving you the silence treatment?

Me and my ex of 2 years broke up 3 months ago. We broke up, talked for a few days, met up twice (this was all in the same 2 weeks of the break up) and since the last time I saw him we've had no contact. He broke his phone after that so I'm not sure if he has my # anymore but I'm sure he could figure it out.

We broke up because we were too young and he didn't want to think "what if" if we stayed together and got married. He said he could see himself dating me when were older and getting married but it's just not the right time. (He's only had one serious girlfriend other than me)

Anyways I go back and fourth between feeling like he's the only one I want and then convincing myself that it's a bad idea and he's not right for me. So I haven't tried to reach out at all.

What do men think of this? Does it make me look bad that I didn't try? I'm just trying to be respectful. Thanks! :)
I'm actually 20 and he's 22, both done with college with full time careers...wrong info above, not under 18 ha!!


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  • When guys break up with girls it's not the same as when girls break up with guys. When we break up, we don't want to be with you anymore. There aren't feelings or we would still be there, especially if his "phone broke". Honestly it seems like he lied to get you to stop talking to him.

    he said he could see himself marrying you. If that were true he wouldn't go two months with no contact whatsoever. Just move on, and if he comes back, great, but don't expect anything.

    • Thanks for the reply! :)

      I'm not looking to get back with him, I was just giving some back up info saying how it ended well and he didn't tell me to like F off.

      I just know of a lot of girls always go running back to their ex and constantly haunt them. I'm curious if men DO expect their ex's to coming running back to them after they break up? But what if they don't or ever even make contact? Thoughts?

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    • No, I just mean is it surprising if you break up with girl and then you never hear from her again? Like she just drops out of your life completely?

    • No, it's kind of expected actually. Once you've been intimate you can't really be platonic again, and he doesn't want to be intimate anymore.

      Is this the first time a guy has left you?

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  • I wouldn't purposely give him the silent treatment. I would just go about your life and if he calls you just be normal. Let him know you don't need him and if he is stupid enough to let your 2 year relationship go, then peace and be done with it. Don't worry if he has your number. I am sure, after being with each other 2 years..he does in his mind. If not, and he wants to talk to you, he WILL find a way. Don't worry about him coming back. If he does, then make him prove he is still worthy. Make him work for it. If he doesn't, then he wasn't worth it anyway and you will find someone so much better for you. Sometimes exs come back after a few months. It has happened to me...where they come back. The thing don't really want them anymore lol You have had time to think about how messed up they were to break it off and you have moved on. Either way, just be strong and have faith. If it is meant to be, it will be. And, don't worry about him.


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  • I hate that the worse part, and when u say hello and they don't even acknowledge you or have the decency to look at you in the eye when you do


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  • This is exactly how I feel except I miss my ex like crazy and wish I had someone to relate to. I want to message him because I feel like we had a lot of misunderstandings and he could be the one but also feel like maybe he isn't the one for me. I'm so confused. In your case though at least it seems like it was a peaceful break up but for me, not so much. He hasn't contacted me at all since our break up last week. I don't think you were wrong for not reaching out. He should do it.


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