What does he want from me? (Continued from recent question)?

I tried to put this in my update but it didn't fit. So this guy and I only were dating for a month but we did spend basically every day together. I liked him but wasn't anywhere near in loves. He got drunk and was kissed by his ex girlfriend and now we're over and I'm pretty sure he's going back to her.

He asked twice if we can still be friends, I said yes sure. And he knows my schedule so he said "I can talk to you after your nap" and I was like? I get that we're now just friends but kinda weird. And then I responded "no that's okay you don't have to." And he replies "what if I want to." Is this guy that stupid or what. I know I agreed to be his friend but I don't really mean that. I hope he doesn't expect us to talk as much as we did before...especially if he's getting back with his ex. This is all so juvenile. What exactly does he want from me?


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  • He feels guilt and says things to make himself feel better. I also have a feeling he wants to keep you around just in case his relationship with his ex doesn't work out. Move on and find a better guy who won't kiss their ex when they get drunk.


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