How do you get your ex back? Please comment your ideas.?

Me and my ex kinda mutually ended things. But we still had feelings for each other. He still glances my way everytime im near him and when people call my name he automatically looks in respone to hearing it. We haven't talked for about two months but i still see him checking me out and i want him back any tips or ideas?
Sorry if my questions confusing i dont mean i want revenge. I mean i want to get back together.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Drop it. The best revenge is healthy living. In other words, let it go. No need to stroke your'll never get satisfaction. Shallow thoughts lead to shallow deeds.

    • Oh no not like that i dont want revenge i actually want to date him again.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Text him and ask him how he has been doing for the past few months. He may be pleasantly surprised. Keep it light and semi sweet.
    Take things from there. Who knows...When one word leads to another, you may find yourselves hooking up to at Least hang out for a nite. And if it's meant to be, ol' Mother Nature will put her hand in this, and do a bit of 'checking things out' for herself.
    I am betting, by his googling and gawking, he may be 'kinda mutually' thinking the same thing you are. No one says that because two people 'ended things,' that it's-----The End.
    Good luck.xx


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  • beg on your hands and knees and say "please come back to me baby. I'll suck your cock every day."


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  • Well you just have to assess the situation. Was he a bad boyfriend? Did he abuse you? Can the mistakes that have been made fixable? Why did you break up in the first place?

    I think maybe go up to him, start being friends again and talk to him. He isn't going to bite. He seems sweet.


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