Why can't he get "over me"? How do I get him to move on?

A month ago I broke up with my ex because he had made me really depressed and cheated on me with another friend, she said she didn't know and thought we had broken up so she broke up with him. Long story short I started dating someone I knew since 1st grade and we're really happy together. So me and him were talking about this girl he dated, broke up with, how he loved that she was pretty and smart, that she was nice and that he liked her hair. He told me it was me. Why? Why though? he's a "player". Why can't he get a different girl? Another sort of related question is why do all thse guys like me all of the sudden? I've done nothing that makes me appeal attractive and yet I have more than 10 guys like me this year?
Im not trying to make him move on! That wasn't the question, the question. is WHY he can't move on.


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  • Probably inexperience. If he, like you, is under 18.


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  • you both need to move on so stop talking to each other, simple really

    • I did move on. But I want him to move on, because he's scared that i may or may not lime him. He says he hurts him seeing me with someone else even though I'm happy. But we have mutal friends so we eventually had to talk again.

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    • I've been trying to prevent that but he's always around my best friends which of course I always hang out with. Im not trying to make him movs on! That wasn't the question, the question. is WHY he can't move on.

    • sometimes being rude is the best thing, you dont want to hurt people, but you talking to him, is keeping his hopes up

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  • Haha nahh He just can't get over not banging datasss. So don't do it again and tell him to stop or you'd stop talking to him and dont hate the player. Hate the game

  • Because he loved you, he made a mistake realized it and is now tortured by this. And it's made worse by you selfishly demanding he forget about you for your convenience.

    Shame on you.

    • I never said I demanded him, and I'm not. Im just asking why he can't, I never said he had to. That's up to him.

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  • you dont, its not your job.. leave him alone your better off

    • The question is WHY he can't do it, if he was just a horrible boyfriend when we did date.

    • who cares, it shouldn't be your problem nor concern. the main fact is he was a bad boyfriens, done end of story.

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