Slept with an ex what's the protocol?

She came over upset that I still had her things. She has been coming to get them but I refused to give them back. I still had hope we would get back together after we had some distance. I needed some space away from her. She wanted her lingerie back and sneakers. So it turned to a fight then mad sex. It's been two months since we broke up. She is with dating someone else (they aren't serious yet) and I feel like the sex brought us closer. Should I tell her I want to be with her? Or should I just keep it to myself and wait it out?


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  • Ex's are ex's for a reason. True. But it sounds like you just needed to sort your feelings. I am with my ex again he felt like he was becoming too attached and too dependent and basically my shadow. He needed to find who he was again.
    But was the sex just out of anger? Or did you feel emotionally connected? Talk it out with her. Tell her what you feel because she may feel the same way too.


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  • Yes tell her, what can it hurt

    • there is a good chance it won't work. remember they are exes for a reason

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