Did I do anything wrong? Or not?

i text my ex boyfriend who is also a friend , i asked him if we can talked and he said no , and i reply back saying why? and he said i deside i dont wanna talk to you anymore , did i do anything worng?


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  • Probably not. Guys are just like that.

    • well a friend of mine said he's maybe just playing game with u ,

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  • You are his ex, there is no point in talking to your EX.

  • he is pissed at you..you can't do anything about it

    • but what did i do? i dont think i did anything worng when i help him 2days befor that day

    • EX are like that they suck lol!

    • thats is pissing me off , im allways nice with him.

  • I guess because you're his ex, but maybe you should ask him to be sure :)

    • i can't talked him , i did asked him if he has any pack of cigs , then i got text saying why? like i dont know what to do.

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    • i try to think honest did i do something to piss him off

    • Well, I don't know who and why you two broke up, maybe that has to do something with why he doesn't want to talk to you again.

  • He's your ex. It's time to move on. There's nothing left to say and no you guys are not friends


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