Do guys get confused what they want especially when it comes to to their feelings?

Hello! I just want to know if guys get confused about what they want and when it comes to their feelings.

IF a guy says, I am really confuse. I don't know what to say to you.

Whenever I ask about his feelings towards me I always heard from him the word, "I don't know".

PLEASE help me, I feel like I am tired hearing those lines and I want to get out in this. I don't want to know it's already too that I am being string along and get play when it comes to my feelings.

What should I do?
Why SOME guys can't be honest about what they want / feel? He can say things directly whether it's hurtful or not at least I know that's whatever it is that's the reason not like his leading me on when there's none if ever.


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  • i just think he's trying to reject you in a nice way.i've done this a few times myself, but people are different so it might not be rejection. I think you should pay a little less attention to him for a while. if he really likes you he'll be really worried and he'll come to you letting you know how he feels.

    • I wish he could be just honest whether the real reason is hurtful or painful.

    • I can understand that not like this waiting, I want to move on because I started to feel
      Like I don't deserve this.

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  • Some probably do but not all are confused..I've learned guys are simple.


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  • um yeah haha we're all human beings, all capable of the same feelings. but yeah he seems like he's trying to let things fade, not wanting to tell you straight up and cause hurt/drama

    • But I prefer the truth whether it's painful. It's not about the drama, if his really concern about me being hurt he should have somehow thought than not making me know the truth is more hurtful than being treat in this way.

  • Honestly, I've used that as more of a way to avoid answering a question I don't feel like discussing.

    • Simple as that? Then why he can't just say it to my face he doesn't want to discuss it? Why he can't be just be honest?

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