Could we really be in love after only 2 weeks? and how soon is too soon to get into a relationship after ending one?

I met this guy about a month and a half ago but at the time he was transitioning out of a relationship so nothing ever happened. About 2 weeks ago we saw each other at a party and he ended up coming home with me and we've literally been together everyday and night since then. i'm typically the kind of girl who likes her space and especially likes to take things slow so its taken me by surprise but when we're together its just so natural and I can be myself and it just feels right. He told me the other night that even though we've only been together for 2 weeks he's never felt this way about anyone before including his ex who he was with for two years. he tells me everyday how lucky he feels that he's with me and that he really likes me and he looks at me like he might be in love with me. He's only been broken up with his ex gf for about a full week but he's been hinting at us becoming official in the veryyy near future. He says emotionally and physically the relationship ended way before he actually broke up with her. Do you think I should go for it if he asks me to be his girlfriend? And is it possible that we could be in love? it almost feels like we're soulmates.


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  • Be careful, he's in a honeymoon phase right now. All the sh*tty emotions of his stale ex-relationship suddenly got washed away by the endorphins and oxytocin overloading his system and he is literally high as a kite. You cannot trust these intense feelings to be long-lasting just yet.

    However, there's no reason not to jump into the relationship boat with him. Just be aware that this "crazy in love" phase is just that - a temporary state that is highly likely to pass. You will eventually bore of seeing each other every. single. day. and the things that bother you will begin to stand out more.

    Love is what follows when people stick together through many honeymoon and cooldown phases.

    Go ahead and get official if you feel comfy with it, but be aware that you are the "rebound." It's not game over, just be conscious of the fact that emotions are taking control right now, and you'll need to adjust as the relationship moves forward : )

    Good luck to you!


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  • So he came home with you from the party a whole week before he broke up with his girlfriend? That's a little disrespectful... but I don't think you can for sure know it's love yet because you two could just be infatuated with each other since it's new and different.

    • Yeah I know :/ If it makes it any better I talked to him about that and he said he wanted to wait and do it right after her finals where over and in his defense he did it last night but thats definitely something that made me hesitant

    • I mean that night* not last night

    • Yeah I didn't catch that... it's not the best sign that he waited to break up with his gf until he found a replacement. People are people though, best not to judge. I agree that it is somewhat disrespectful, not only to the ex but to you for slummin' it. Sometimes it's best not to wait for the paperwork to come through, though ; )

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  • It seems a bit fast for him...Give it some time. It sounds like you get along with is the sex? Does he please you with some great orgasms?

    If the sex is great...give it some time before the official bf/gf thing.


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