Should I contact him? We were friends way before we were together?

My bf of 5 years broke up with me 6 days ago after his parents divorce. He said he didn't think he could ever love or commit again but if he could he'd be with me only. Well I'm home from college and we live in a small town. I was stopped at a light and he pulled up beside me, although I don't think he saw me. He looked really sad and like he hadn't slept/shaved in days. I've started 30 day NC and haven't talked to him since that day but I'm really worried about him and want to know if he's okay.Im not wanting to contact him to get back together because I think it's best for him to get used o his situation but I'm worried.
  • Should I break NC and contact him?
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  • Wait for 30 days NC then contact him?
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I was going to wal mart today day and I saw him and some girl in the back seat having sex. (we were both virgins when we broke up) :(


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  • I think you should let him know you're there for him even if you're not with him. It's perfectly reasonable for him to feel like love is a lie, but you can be his friend during this hard time, and since you have such a long history, maybe you can show him he can in fact love again.

    • I'm just so afraid he will think I had ulterior motives to get back together. but its not true because really right now I'm just worried about him as anyone would about another human

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    • It's probably all of the stress from his parents' divorce. He'll come around eventually. My boyfriend's parents are divorced, and somehow I think it makes him more into the idea of true love and all that. It's been a lot longer for him than for your guy, so maybe he'll get there eventually, too. :) With your help, I'm sure he will. :)

    • It's just so weird bc 3 weeks ago we were so happy together and spending hours just talking and his parents were fine and now this happens and i mean i know its none of my business but I'm one of the ones affected by this

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  • You care about him and his emotional state, right?

    Therefore, I think you should contact him to see how he is doing.

    Explain to him that you saw and him just wanted to see how he is doing, nothing more.

    If he's willing to talk...listen to him.

    If he isn't...tell him 'no problem', end the call and move on.

    I pray that my answer is helpful. Have a very blessed day!

    • Also, He defended me from Facebook 2 days after but he was the one to initiate the break up although it was kinda mutual. I'm worried that it means he doesn't want anything to do with me even if I want to help him. He doesn't have many close friends and I thought about messaging his best friend to see if he's okay but I thought that would be wrong

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    • Thank you for listening!

    • No problemo! Have a blessed day!

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