Advice concerning my ex-girlfriend.?

Lately I've been talking with my ex-girlfriend again we've been broken up for 8 months now and now we're at the point where we talk daily, sometimes during the day but most of the time we talk at and past midnight.She's the one to initiate like 90% of the conversations.Ever since we started talking again like somewhere around 2 months ago, I think I'd like to give it another try with her, she keeps telling me that I've changed a lot to the better lately and that she's proud of me , etc.The truth is indeed I did change a lot and I used to be pretty immature but I caught up on so many things these past months I can actually state that I grew up quite a bit.Tonight we had a really bizarre talk about our past issues that got me thinking.
She said something like "You know when you started to do those stupid things (immature shit) that really weren't ok and you distanced me from yourself I couldn't act like I used to around you anymore." I said something after this and then she goes like " You know, things could've been really different, but you had to do all that stupid shit, I don't wanna talk about this" (This 2nd paragraph was said with her constantly lowering the pitch of the her voice as the sentence got to an end, her voice was somewhere between sad and disappointed). Well she broke up with me cause I was aloof and she thought I didn't care about her at all but she never wanted to be a permanent break-up but I did some really stupid shit and didn't really give her the space she needed at that time and I managed to distance her from myself quite a lot.I wasn't necessarily needy, more like paranoia jealousies born from my immaturity that ended in some awkward arguments.
My questions :
1.What did she really mean when she said all of that while constantly lowering the pitch of her voice as the sentence was nearing the end?
2.Any ideas on how to bring up reconciliation thoughts?
And by reconciliation, I mean getting back together as in a relationship.


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  • She really misses you, she wants you initiate new start, giving you a chance to regret your stupidity, tell her you love her and take back to your arms. If you feel like that, do it. If don't, don't hurt her anymore.

    • Hey!
      Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it.I sure like her a lot :)

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  • She's "proud" of you? She told you that? ... She's still in love with you, that much is clear. Does she want you back too? Not necessarily unfortunately, but you're on the right track.

    Keep doing what you're doing, but "ignore" her sometimes. If she texts you, wait a couple hours or so to respond and then respond quite quickly. Keep doing this from time to time, and you'll be able to see if she's genuine.

    Ask for a casual meet-up, a "date" between you and me, and make her laugh and have a great time. Do this a couple times and then ask her out.

    She's pretty much giving you a second chance, so don't fuck up, because it's easy to go back into your past aloof habits.

    Good luck.

    • Hey! Thanks for the answer.Well yea that's what I'm doing pretty much.I noticed that "ignoring" her from time to time really gets to her.I mean a few days ago I was genuinely busy and couldn't talk to her when she called me so I just declined her call twice and later at night when I called her she didn't answer , then she called me the next morning when she woke up.

    • Well it seems like you know what you're doing. She might even take the initiative and ask you out.

      Keep in safe, and remember you're the priority, not her.

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  • Maybe you need to prove to her that you are not immature anymore. Voice your feelings and see what she says. Tell her you want to try again and to give you a second chance. Not sure about the pitch change but either way you should probably prove to her that you aren't that person anymore or that you have learnt. Also, do little things for her. We love little things.

  • I don't like the idea of ex uniting thing. If it becomes ex once, there should be logical reason.


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