Why did he contact me on Facebook two days after our break up?

My ex-boyfriend contacted me on Facebook two days after our mutual break up. He asked me how I was. Why did he do that and what is he thinking? He was the one who said we shouldn't see each other for some time. I did not reply to him.


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  • i've had exes doing that to me too. i guess it's just them feeling a bit lonely and emotional in that specific moment, maybe also a tad guilty, and they just want to 'check' on you to get some friendly human interaction, maybe to see if you're still mad at them or if they've got a chance to keep you on the sideline for a while. you did well by not replying by the way, contacting someone you've basically just dumped to ask them 'how do they feel' is plain retarded.

    • Thank you for replying. Yes, I thought that was selfish of him, too.

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