Should I get back with my ex? He says he changed?

This is the same ex that told my dad about our relationship back in HS. Anyways when I ran into him, he told me he felt really bad about what he did and that he changed. He also said that he broke up with his gf for me. I laughed at him because I didn't believe him and walked away. But later he delivered chocolates and flowers to my house with a note telling me how sorry he was and if I would give him a chance. My heart might have slightly melted at the sweet gesture but I have my reasons not to get back with him. I asked for info from my friends and they told me (they know a few of his friends) that he hasn't been with another girl since he broke up with his gf, even though that was a few days ago because he's a player. They think that he's waiting for me. They also put the idea in my head that maybe he was upset I wouldn't take him back in HS. I reminded them that he cheated on me. And they said that maybe he scared because that was his first serious relationship with a girl he actually liked. I actually don't have any feelings of hate towards him anymore and even forgive him...I wish I had that conversation with them earlier. My friends never mention anything about him knowing I would be sensitive about it. Sorry for the teen drama lol. I want to get back with him but I still have my reasons for not.
1. He's not Muslim. Not the same race as me. Not like I would care but (would be problem with parents)
2. If I did go out with him again and my dad found again, he would go back to shunning me from his presence.
3. He might cheat on me again?
4. Something else but I forgot lol


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  • I am married to a Muslim out in Egypt. I am a Christian girl. He found me 3 years ago on FB, and fell in love with me. He begged me to fly over and stay with him and his lovely family, so we could get better acquainted. It went so well, I flew back 3 months later, where we tied the knot in Cairo.
    After I had returned to the states, we had our ups and downs. I won't get into long details, but while I was living with him in his family's house, I had encountered problems. When I had left, I wasn't sure I wanted to return. The situation left me with a sour ball in my mouth. Subconsciously, I took revenge.
    It's been over two years now since we have been together. Our Big problem. However, my infidelities also took over, and I got out of control. My main drain was with an Egyptian Coptic Christian, who nearly ruined my life and my marriage.
    So many long stories, but even now, as my husband loves and has forgiven me, I cannot be trusted. I love him very much, but there is something not right, or why would I do this to a faithful Muslim man? He's been a loyal dog, putting up with so much. As silly as it sounds, I really don't want to lose him. We're trying to win our battles.
    I can't guarantee your ex won't go out and play again, and with all his sweetness, everything is yum today, and tomorrow, after the smoke has cleared, he could go back to burning his bridges. I cannot could become a pattern.
    Your father, like my husband's, are strict Muslims, and will always 'shun' on what someone has done to their son or daughter, And to their Quaran culture.
    Perhaps once I get to my family's house, all Can be forgiven, but First Here, on American soil, I must Prove myself to him and to them. So must your ex.
    Don't be so quick to take him back right now, nor wear your heart on your sleeve. If you do decide to give him another chance, don't tell dad right away. You're old enough to live your own life, no matter What culture.
    Good luck.xx

    • Wow that was an intense story! Thank you so much for sharing! You are right, I am old enough to live my life! I hope your husband's family accepts you soon, you're such a lovely lady! Thank you :)

    • Shokran, heart love...I wanted to be honest here, for many know who I am on GAG..I have helped many, and I know my own answer, but being I am so close to the situation, not an outsider, I know what I have to do. I am so happy you came here, it made me realize my own wicked ways. Please, you deserve to be loved by someone who can wants to love and BE loved, and there's no guarantees this tiger will ever change his stripes. If you were here right now, I would give you a big hug. I truly miss my family more than they will ever know...I am going to try and book up a flight in September. Shokran again, sweet girl, and Good luck.xx

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  • Would number 4 be that your parents might send you to Pakistan of they find out? I vaguely remember you fearful of that from a previous question.

    • I was afraid at first when my dad found out but so far he hasn't sent me anywhere. He just ignored me for a long time/:

    • And I don't actually have a number 4, just wanted to make it look like I had more reasons lool

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  • No cuz trust is gone so it won't work. He cheated so he might do it again. My ex did so yea.

  • I wouldn't, screw that...


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