Do you think getting back together with my ex is something I am going to regret?

My ex and I dated for 4 years before we mutually broke up. We were broken up for over 2 years. We are both active duty military, so dating is not easy. We recently ran into each other and it turns out we are getting stationed on the same base. I told him I wanted to try again and he agreed that us unexpectedly crossing paths again was too much of a conscience not to at least give it a try.

Do you think it's crazy to want to get back together?
  • No, it's not crazy at all--our past will actually create a stronger bond
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  • Yes, an ex is an ex for a reason and we are just asking to be hurt.
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  • It could be a good relationship of convenience, but not much more than that
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  • It might work for a little while, but we will go back to our old habits and end up breaking up
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  • i think it could work well. you guys had 2 years to grow as individuals and maybe mature. i wish you two goodluck


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  • I would normally say yes but this seems sweet and 2 years is a long time apart, so a lot could be different. I think it could be a good thing, just don't go in expecting to much but don't let the past hold you back to much, just enjoy it! Good luck, I hope things work out.

    AND thank you for your service!


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