Why would an guy act like a total jerk after a breakup?

Broke up with my ex for the second time 4 months ago because i was ready to commit and settle down and he wasn't and since then it's like he enjoys making my life hell. We work together so i see him occasionally and every time he either insults me or makes snide comments under his breath. He is going as far as to talk crap about me to anyone who will listen. I have confronted him about this and it just started a huge fight. I'm trying to be the bigger person but don't know what to do because it really hurts me that he is acting this way


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  • Talk to your manager about working different shifts. Don't let his behavior get to you! Keep your head up and smile:)

  • Well you kind of answered your own question already its becaue he's a jerk and some guys are just asses you know. Honestly best thing to do is ignore him it will hurt his ego.


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