Does my ex still want to be with me?

So my ex boyfriend and I went out for 1 year and a half we were friends for about 8 years, after breaking up he got another girlfriend, a couple weeks ago he wrote to me this huge apology about how he knows he messed up with me and how he was so sorry and he wanted to be friends, i asked him about his girl and he told me he was done with her how he's been done with her and how he didn't like her like that and was only with her because he was trying to run away from us.. he even told me she was crazy and hasn't left him alone since he told her they were done, we recently started hanging out and i started to get all my feelings back for him were always reminiscing about the past and everything just feels good. the other day I saw his instagram and he started following his ex again and i got really upset so i asked him to be honest with me not that it mattered because we are friends i asked him if he still spoke to her and he told me he didn't but i feel like of course he'd tell me that...

any thoughts?
why would he follow his ex again if they aren't talking?
i just don't want to get hurt again


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  • He must have a hurt or unfaithful thing from his GF. This must have forced him to think about you, and your real feelings once again. Trust him, but analyses his behave and observe him for some period of time. As you would not like to get hurt again, he too will not like it. Sconnd chance is always thoughtful and wise decision. Do not ask any of your friends (who has breakup) and follow you inner feelings.

    • thanks! this helps i want to trust him its hard though he's a very confused person always has been i just don't want to get hurt, Do you think i should trust him about not talking to his ex anymore? even though he recently started following her on instagram?

    • Trust and love - these are the two most fundamental conditions for everlasting relationship. If from your past experience with him you love him - trust him and compel him (with your deep love) to trust and love you.

    • Thank you for understanding the meaning of my words. Love your man and family. Be honest in expressing your feelings. You will enjoy it.

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  • This is not an easy thing. No decisions can be taken with brain, but it certainly help in solving the puzzle. Follow your heart, and observe him if he meet you in personally. If he is nice and you really feel that he is made for you - join him.

    • Why do you think he followed his ex again on instagram

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