I feel like I'm being picked on. Is there a reason for this?

What's goin on? My ex and I had sex after being broken up for two years... before that he was acting way nice after he's been an ****!!! I never tried to contact him after we had just talked once in a while on social networks. We ran into each at a bar I told my friend he was kinda shady he didn't say anything. Be he spoke after she told him what I said. After the bar closed we were standing outside I tripped over someone's foot he helped up then said I was being dumb? Then my (guy) friend *we have the same friends by the way* grabbed my hand & he made get in my exes car! We argued the whole way to our friends house... When we got there he stared arguing with me again! He had to take me hone & we argued in the car he was saying "I don't have to talk to you if I don't want to, you didn't speak to me either it goes both ways... I don't like you." Wtf? Does that makes sense? But I never hinted that I liked him? So I said ok why don't you just say that or don't speak if you don't want to. So we augured more!!! & he threaten to kick me out if his car so I just told him to stfu & turned up the radio? He turned it down & said "are you ok?" In a very concerned way? I just f****** laughed! & said yea? Lol but I don't know what the hell is wrong with this kid... I didn't do anything to or said anything until he said some bs! What's wrong with him?


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  • just avoid him. clearly neither of you seem to be in a good position to communicate effectively.

    I don't know that he was picking on you I mean it depends but he wasn't being very nice. he was probably drunk and being a bit boorish and belligerent

    • I did until he wouldn't shut up about everything

    • I mean in the future avoid him. he may be nice at times but there is some resentment he has. it's not worth putting up with that just for whatever bits of friendship or physical satisfaction you may gleam

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  • you just need to cut your ex out of your life for good. he is your ex for a reason

  • He wanted sex, he got sex. This isn't rocket science.

    • I understand that it's not like I tried to be with him after lol or attempted anything

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