Am I in the wrong for not forgiving him?

This time last year my boyfriend and I broke up and within days he had a new girlfriend; the girl he had been texting for a couple weeks. They dated for two, almost three months. The entire summer I was completely heart broken. I cried nearly everyday. I finally contacted him at the beginning of the school year and he ended up breaking up with her and we started talking again. We were fine, everything was good for a while. And then one night I had gotten frustrated because I had a feeling he was talking to someone. The next day he ignored all of my phone calls, so after work I drove 45 minutes to where he plays basketball. When I got there he was chatting it up with a girl; from where I stood they seems close and flirty. His best friend and his gf were there also. I went up to her and asked her what she was doing with my bf. Her response was "he told me he was single" so I looked at him and said "you're single?" and he said yes. For three days he didn't talk to me and he had pictures of him and her all over social media saying she was his WCW...then when she went back to her hometown he contacted me and said he wanted to be with me comfortable and happy. We've been good since, but I can't seem to forget about any of this. I'm still really hurt. And as much as I tell myself that I've forgiven him I still feel like I keep my distance from him. Am I wrong for this? I love him, he's proving himself to me, but I can't get these situations out of my mind..How do I move on from this?


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  • Forgive him but leave him in your past. God luck.


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