Ex girlfriend went from everything to nothing?

My now ex girlfriend, and I just broke up from dating almost 2 years. We had been doing quite well, but with a few issues with me needing me to move closer to her, but we agreed that it would happen after my contract with my apartment was up.

As of two weeks ago, she decided to end it. I was very shocked, and saddened, but decided to respect her decision, and precedded to keep my distance. Then out of the blue. She called me wanting to attend her friends birthday party that was being celebrated on a beach just a few hours south of where I live.
Out of good faith, and with the idea of her telling me that she wanted to reconcile things. I decided to go, and the birthday party/weekend went fantastic. Until Sunday morning to where we were about to leave, and her phone kept vibrating from her receiving texts.
I decided to go ahead, and put it in her suitcase, because she said that she wanted to sleep some more before going. However, as I moved her phone to her suitcase. Another text came in, and I could see the message (She had the option to hide it turned off.). It was a so called "sexting" text, and I became curious, and looked at the previous text messages.
It wasn't before too long that I realized she had been texting a couple of guys, and sending them provocative texts all weekend. One text was even sent during the exact time we had dinner together the night before, and during dinner. She kept telling me how much she loved me, and made a mistake.
Now, I'm no fool, and do not plan on going back to her after this baloney, but I want to hear from other peoples perspectives. As to what exactly do you think she was trying to accomplish? She went from this incredibly sweet girl, and then into this twisted manipulative woman.


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  • she's never been 'sweet' to start with. you just were unable to see through her, because 'blinded' by your feelings. could sound stupid, but this is exactly the reason why all of us go through a lot of pain regarding human relationships. the process of 'learning' takes a hell of a lot of bad experiences. as for her, she probably felt lost and terrified at the idea of attending a bday party on her own, as a single woman, and that's why she fancied calling you instead, her 'forever-loyal' nice ex-boyfriend, to feel secure like you'd feel in the company of your cute fluffy asexuated pet. sorry to be so rude, but i hope it helps to get the picture. and yes, some people are nasty.

    • You aren't being rude, but realistic. I very much appreciate it, and I can see myself being often too nice. I've always tried to be optimistic, and to see the good in everyone. As a result, situations like these occur.

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  • She is using you. Confront her and tell her its over... Not just yet. After getting you new gf mwahaha. What goes around comes around

    • ha! That's evil, but would definitely help me sleep better.

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  • I think you should leave her. But first make her tell you what's up. Ask her questions and if she keeps lying, tell her about the texts you saw. She'll be in a very uncomfortable and embarrassing position and it will make you feel amazing.

    • I actually did talk to her that same day about the texts, and she said that wanted "attention". Though, I am very attentive, and even confirmed with a friend that I've exactly that. Over the last day, I've come to the conclusion that her insecurities gives her false realities.

  • She obviously just wants to move on which is why she is doing this. Which is what doesn't make any sense because of why she invited you to her friends in the first place... Quite confusing if you ask me.. Maybe you should ask her?

    • I asked her, but she never gave me a straight answer. I can respect the idea of wanting to break up, but she kept asking for once a week dates. I'm assuming she wants a weekly hook-up, but it's just twisted to me.

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    • I've yet to speak to her anymore this week, and plan on keeping up that front. Sad thing is that she's considered a nice , "Church girl". lol

    • There's two parts to everyone :p

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