Should I be worried about this necklace?

So my ex came back to try to fix things between us. She wants to start over, but I told her we needed to fix things before we got together. So right now we are friends who plan to become something.

I told her this doesn't mean she can go on dates with anyone else, we just working on us and trusting each other.

Everything else is alright as long as she keeping everything 100.

So we broke up cuz she ended up sleeping with her best friend when we were on break (but she thought it was a break up, which tells me communication between us sucked), when we thought of coming back together she wanted to still b friends with him. I was dumb to allow it, but I didn't want to control who she talked to.

We never really got back together, but ended up becoming more like friends with benefits .

Well we ended up breaking up totally. Because I was tired of the BS.

Right now she wants to fix things. She told me she ain't going to talk to him if I didn't want to. I straight up said no I don't want you talking to him.

His in the military and he gave his dog tag to her. I don't know if I should tell her to fucking lose it or simply buy something to replace it. It irritates me to know she has that dudes neck thing...

P.s she said she's been wearing so long it's become part of her.

When I broke up with her I block her on fb. Now that we are talking I want to add her. She told me she hardly gets on, but will add me. That was last Saturday and still nothing. Should this also be a red sign?
So I'm thinking of asking her to add me on Facebook. I rather her add me than have all these doubts that she is posting things about him on her page. Is this the right call?


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  • It us just a necklace, no need to worry. As long as she is happy, you are happy, what is the point about questioning a necklace?
    But, if still you can't get over it. Talk to her. Just tell you don't like to see it, because it irritates you.(probably reminds him).

    • Yea, I know silly. Why worry about a necklace. Well it's a necklace with his name on it. As long as she has it all it's doing is telling me what happened when I didn't speak and really spoke my feelings. Greatest of all it makes me think what happens when he comes back...

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    • Thank you. Hope for the best for the both of you.XX

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  • Don't worry about the necklace. My ex boyfriend gave me a wiener dog necklace for Christmas and I still wear it every day. Not because he gave it to me, but because my dog is a wiener dog and he is very important to me so I keep it on. Maybe she has that kind of dog or just likes dogs? Maybe she simply just likes the necklace... Who knows. But she certainly wouldn't just try to make things work with you if she really didn't want to.

    • Yea. I just don't like looking at it. Every-time I see it all it does is remind me is that I lost her once to that person. I did bring it up once and she was surprised about it. She told me she'd take it off, but it still nudged me.

      What happens when he comes back? And stuff. Things are going great right now, but what happens when he comes back?

    • If she loves you, nothing will happen.

  • Maybe she wears them out of habit. I can't help but see things from both sides. If he is stationed oversee's or away i'd wait till he comes back and see if she still wants him. He was her best friend so they may have meaning, but not the meaning you think. Did she only sleep with him once?

    • Yea, that I know of. She only knew him for 7months. When met up to talk about things she told me she could have stopped it, but didn't and knows she made a mistake.

      He was my friend then I introduced him to her and after that he came between our relationship. Yea, I'll probably wait till he comes back, but I don't know when he comes back...

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    • That sounds like a pretty safe bet, but eventually you need to deal with this and make peace, or it destroy any hope of having a decent relationship. If you can't make peace with this, you need to move on to someone else.

    • I already made peace and moved on from this situation. I forgave everything and let the pain leave. I told myself that if me and her ever got together she would have had to let him go or leave me alone.

      I told her this. She told me she will stop talking to him. I don't trust her enough to believe it. That's why I haven't made what we are official. I don't trust her...just yet

  • no, if she doesn't use it she doesn't use it and probably hasn't gotten around it. if it's a red flag i promise you'll know. I think she loves you.

    • I just don't want to look stupid. This is my first time taking an ex back and fixing things like this, but if she's still talking to him than I wish she'd tell me so I can leave and move on.

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    • It's a little complicated than that. They had their thing. I found out and it took me weeks to forgive and try to forget. He went to boot camp and we were happy. Not together but getting there. He comes back and everything takes a turn for the worse. She wants to suddenly want to fix herself and be friends, but I knew it was BS.

      I broke off with her and my friend tells me she was posted in a relationship with him on fb.

      I am happy. I love this girl. Shit I plan on marrying this girl.

      But what happens when he comes back? Sure she said she won't talk to him, but I don't know. Lol, I have had sex with her due to that fact.

    • that where the trust comes in

  • I thought a guy giving you his dog tags was like a symbol of a relationship?

    • Yay, but I'll take care of that when it rises from the surface. If I do see it i'll tell her to mail it to him. Plan and simple.

  • I think she should at least be understanding of how you feel and het rid of the necklace if she really wants to be with you.

    • Yay. Lol.

      I'm not jealous or anything it just her wearing some guys item just sets me off. Her having it around her neck tells me that she will always belong to him.

      That how I see it.

      I think that's how every guy would see it if their girl wore another guys item.

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  • She's telling you she will always be his girl first. She's only talking to you because he's stationed somewhere far away, for the moment..

    Otherwise, she'd give up the silly dog tags.

    Don't trust anything she says.

    • Ikr, it's not like I can tell her to lose em. I feel like she has to do it herself. I can't stand her wearing some guys item.

      I'm not trying to sound insecure cuz I'm not, but I don't think I'd trust her completely while she has them and doesn't add me on fb

    • Right, assume she still belongs to him, if she's wearin ghis tags!

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