The EX-Girlfriend: Is he using me to make her jealous?

On more than one occasion I have had guys make me the 'other woman' without me knowing. I'm not sure why, but these guys always end up choosing the ex over me. It always feel as though they were never sincere to begin with and I was just a pawn to make their girlfriends jealous. Recently the guy I am dating had his ex contact him through texts saying she still loves him...yada yada... He texts her embellished stories of our relationship. Making things seem greater than they are. He tells me they are definitely and officially through. Should I believe him? Why exaggerate and lie to her if he no longer cared about her?


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  • i think u should let him go..ive had this experiance and it sucks soo bad! and the worse thing im my sitaution was that the guy almost told me that he wanted to make his old crush stupid is that lol

    maybe this could be of u have a look..and lemme know what u think :)

    • I think its a bit different situation.

  • If he always talk about her to you that's a sign he's not over her and he still thinks about her.

    Is he still in contact with her?

    Does he talk about the good time they shared together to you?

    Does he still have memories of her or anything?

    • He mentioned her twice. He says he is no longer in contact with her. He never says anything about the good times they had, only told me about a few of the fights. He said he cared for her and was good to her and she was a b-tch. He says he told her he met someone (me) who treats him well, and he is over her. I just feel like the plan B. He mentions I'm good to him but never says anything about how he feels or me.

    • Is he a loyal and trustworthy person? Has he ever lied to you since you two have been together? You say he never tells you how he feels about you sounds like your just his rebound from his ex girlfriend if he never express his feelings towards you.

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