Why should you be friends with your bf or gf's exes?

As most of us know partners exes get bad rep only because they are an ex of the one were with. What is good about being fiends with partners ex?


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  • Wow I just having this conversation with my friend the other day who is really good friends with her boyfriend's ex. I felt it was weird but she said the girl was really nice and sweet and she couldn't hate/dislike her even if she wanted to.
    Even the guy keeps telling my friend that its super weird to see his ex and current girlfriends being so genuinely friendly.

    • It happens. I'm friends now with my boyfriend's new girlfriend. I was with him for 4 years and she will be marrying him. I dumped him after he cheated on me. The reason why I talk to her is because they were at a family party and I was nice because she's not the girl he cheated on me with. Pretty much she has never done anything to me. So we talk and we even had wine together. I know it's weird because I have never been in that position before.

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  • Not have her hate your guts? but why would you care...if you are trying to be friends with his ex, be careful, she could be trying to win him back or at least get some dirt.

  • No way...I did go to school with my BFs ex...we all did...at the time I didn't really know my BF (the had broken up already) but I got a mean vibe from her

    • I know that doesn't answer the question...sry...I guess what I mean is I can't find a good reason...usually I hear guys dont want to be friends with even their own exs...I think it would be super awkward...I know this sounds abnormal...but it sometimes bothers me that my BF was with women before me...because he was my first everything...even kiss...so knowing he did those things with other women makes me wonder if it was as special for him as it was for me doing these firsts

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    • I am nice because she's not the girl he cheated on me with. Pretty much she has never done anything to me. Yes, Facebook is great but also sucks a lot especially when it comes to the past. I don't think you want to dig into that too much. The truth hurts and you can end up finding out that maybe she dumped him. You will question his love for you. It's not going to help though but make it more painful.

    • It all depends on the type of person that you are. There are two types of people ones that will take the truth and others that would rather not know.

  • Nothing. It's just opening the door for more unwanted drama.

    • I agree but sometimes you can't avoid it. For example if you have the same circle of friends. Or if you go to the same school.

    • You can very well avoid it. Ignore them. It's just a hot mess waiting to explode.

  • Nah I wouldn't


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