I going to try a new approach with this?

My ex and I have been trying to work things out in our relationship before we get back together.

The break up was bad and when it was over it messed with what trust I had. Sleeping with her supposedly best friend when we was on break (but she said we totally broken up). So I guess communication sucked by that time.

We dated for 2 years and 6 months. Until the friend inserted himself into the situation. After that things went downhill. That was around 1 year and a half into the relationship.

Well after the break I simply had to concentrate on me. Trying to move on and see other women. I dated, but they never went far. I missed my ex, but I never contacted her.

Like six months into the break up she contacts me. Telling me she wanted to fix things.

She said she felt horrible for how things went down and that things didn't go right after we split.

Took me 2 days to agree, but I was worried about her so called best friend. She told me that she will stop talking to him if I didn't want to. (He was in boot camp). So I asked her what would happen when he comes back (cuz things became even a problem last time he came back).

So things are going great. Trust is coming back, but then suddenly I start rocking the boat.

She wears his dog tag (this irritates me because they are his, and I tell her. She told me she won't wear them anymore).

Then she won't add me on Facebook, which worries me, but she tells me she doesn't go on there anymore. Drama and what not. She won't budge on adding me.

Well my sister is her friend on there so if I get suspisious or whatever I have that option.

I did bring that past and she told me that she wants to move forward, but can't if I'm always brining up the past. So I've decided to put both feet in the water and see where this all goes. I don't know if this is the right step thou...getting back with an ex is all new to me...


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  • It sounds like you really care about her, I think you should give it another try, then you won't always be wondering what if? Just take it slow and see how it goes, don't get your hopes up too high just enjoy the journey

    • I plan to with both of my feet in the water. Her knowing my fear and her telling me she's not hiding nothing and agreeing to some of my insecurity. I can't help, but have faith and pray that she won't hurt me. Lol, I can't believe it but I trust her and it doesn't hurt.

    • Good luck I hope it works out :)

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  • getting back with an ex can suck sometimes

    • I know...every part of you worries if the same thing will happen again. I think those feeling are healthy. I also think it's the same reason those ex's that rush back in fall out just as fast.

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  • I'm still not convinced any issues are worked through on your end or hers.

    • Lol all I can do is trust at this point. I told her what I'm worried about and right now it's up to her if she can deal with it. Right now she hasn't given anything that I can throw point at.

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