Why did my ex ask if im seeing anyone?

My ex and I were about to have sex, and he asked if I had been seeing anyone or had slept with anyone since the break up. He then asked if i had slept with a certain person that had caused problems during out relationship. I asked him why he was asking and he said he didn't want to sleep with me if I was sleeping/had slept with someone else. He also wanted to go through my phone to see if I had been texting other guys.. he says he's doesn't want to get back together/doesnt care, but im thinking he does?


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  • If he doesn't want to get back together with you, why would he care who else you've been f*cking?

    Your man's talking out of both sides of his mouth. Tell him he's not getting any more out of you until he can learn to be honest.

    • This right here. He has no right to pry about any aspect of your sexual life if he doesn't want you back. He's just being a controlling jerk with a big ego.

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  • He sounds like a knob to me. If I were you. The only thing I would give him is one more kick to the curb. Tell p*ss off and leave you alone. He isn't worth your time.

  • He doesn't, he wants you maybe as a backup, and he feels by telling you this, you will do what he wants... block him from your life..


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