Guys, how often do you stalk your ex's Facebook?

I dated this guy and we remained "friends" online only. No communication but our profiles shared. He could see me moving on and I could see him moving on. He broke up with his new girlfriend and started "liking" things on my page, then bam! No warning, no messages, no explanation, he deleted me. His profile is open so I can see he posts these cryptic posts that could pertain to me or her...I just want to get an idea...guys, how often do you stalk your ex? Is this just shit girls do? Seriously I should just get over it, but truth be told, I imagine it's a pride thing. He deleted me? Helllll no! Lol


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  • So did it piss you or hurt you because he unfriended you?
    Anyway, all i can say i'm sick of games and you should just mind your business. If he wants something from you, he should be upfront about it. I think he was somehow expecting you to reach out to him when he started liking things you were posting. Since you didn't react to his "likes", he got pissed/angry/upset/depressed and deleted you. Crazy stuff if a sane person thinks a "like" means "i tried to reach out to her". so leave him alone... It wouldn't be fair for you to try and contact him just because he "likes" your Facebook stuff. He's an idiot!

    • If I'm being honest, I was hurt and pissed. I'm one of those people who needs closure. I did respond to an issue he was having by message, but he deleted me.

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    • I did to be polite and supportive, as I had in the past. I thought maybe either he didn't want me to see the mess he was in, but it's just response and deleted. I was seriously like wth? Why not just say you don't need my input? That's why I think there's more to it.

    • depends on the tone you used in your message and things you wrote.
      Maybe it sounded harsh or critical. I usually don't like it when people get in my business. if it's an ex, i'd probably be like "what the hell do you care about my life?" especially if the girl broke up with me. That would piss me off.
      It might have sounded patronizing and he deleted you to show he doesn't need this from you.
      It's the tiniest things that piss people off after a break-up.
      He was ok with being friendly and acknowledging you on Facebook and liking your posts, but sending him that message was unnecessary in his book.
      Maybe he simply didn't like the "help" he got from you as it was unasked for.
      Maybe he was expecting more in that message. Things like "i miss you" "i love you" "let's get back together", things to show you want him back. He didn't get them, so he decided it's time to move on and deleted you.

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  • Never.
    I usually delete and block my exes from every social media.
    I'm not somebody with A LOT of sympathy.

  • Never, dont speak with ex's


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