I miss my ex boyfriend? Advice?

Please do not say ex is an ex for reason that is so played out! If you do agree with "ex is an ex for a reason" so something different. My ex dumped me a a while ago, he was my first, but he blocked me on Facebook after I made a mistake a messaged me another's name, but I miss him, I never cheated. I just don't understand why he so cold...just say something advice?


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  • For which reason he dumped you?

    • College and I wasn't have sex with him, but he never admitted that!

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    • I think she's foreign dude lol

    • @ManThatKnewTooMuch - I'm also not from US lol.
      My culture is pretty strict and I'm guessing she has the similar problem.

What Girls Said 2

  • It is hard because you have no closer, but it will take time, and need to do something to occupy your time


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