We broke up but still talk almost all day everyday?

This guy and I dated for only a month but we spent quite a lot of time together and just as it was starting to feel like it could go somewhere he admitted he wasn't over his ex and that she had kissed him.

I feel completely fine with it, I was a little angry at first but I realized that we did jump into it too quickly after him getting out of a relationship. But the weird part is we still talk all the time? Texting and snapchatting (look it up haha) and as I said I don't feel angry or sad so I don't mind still chatting with him. I don't want anything romantic with him ever again, but i enjoy talking to him.

But my question is, wtf is he doing? He's back with his ex and I doubt she appreciates this. I told him he doesn't have to keep talking to me and he said "what if I want to?" And still says some flirty stuff. I side step it because I don't want him thinking I still have feelings for him.
I was also forced to talk to him because he's a TA in one of my courses, and he stood really close and even touched my face...
Do you think he thinks that he still has a chance later on? Or does he feel bad for me?


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  • Well he doesn't feel bad for you and his behavior is not relative to his having a chance with you either. The man is using you as an escape from the difficulties of his life; a month of "torrid" emotional passion with proximity to the object? Haven't you ever read a romance novel?

    • Haha I'm sorry you lost me.

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    • Geeze you answer fast. You are aware that you called someone you do not know stupid? I was being slightly sarcastic with my comment, I was making fun of your somewhat dramatic answer. Thanks again.

    • You're tiresome.

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  • He definitely thinks he still has a chance later on. Believe me, I've been through this before. If he is in a relationship an back with his ex again, and still flirts with you an tries to act all cute and stuff he isn't the kind of guy you want to be with trust me. He will only flirt with other girls behind your back. My ex did this to me all the time.

    He is keeping you on the side incase things go wrong again with her and himself.


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