Ex-boyfriend of 3 years wants another chance. how do i get him to understand i don't want to?

He won't stop messaging me through face book. Every time i block him he just makes another profile. Am tired of him messaging me daily. I am happily married now and i want nothing to do with my ex.


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  • Threaten to get the police involved, this is cyber stalking.

    • Take pictures of all his messages, various accounts created for proof.

      Make sure to get the ones that saying anything like '' Leave me alone.'' and then get pics of the messages where he continued, and kept stalking you.

    • this, yea your ex is obsessive, so weird lol

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  • uh, you could either get the cops involved because I do believe that is considered harassment. Or, and I know this could be a hassle, create a new Facebook under a different name. You can also check your private message settings and change them so only friends can talk to you.


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  • Ignore him! Do not entertain him at all! Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know. I believe there is a way on fb in which people who you are not friends with cannot message you

    • The problem with ignoring him is, people are very dangerous.

      one, her ex seems like one of those ''Self entitled.'' people.

      Two, he's obviously very obsessive. If she ignores him whose too say he won't just start stalking her in public?

      Or show up to her house?

      You need to get the police involved QA.

      When he messages you on fb again, send him a pic of all the messages he's sent you, and tell him you're sending it to the police unless he backs off!

      Let him know you're not going to take this from him, let him know you're strong and not easily manipulated, or scared and that you mean business when you say to back off.

  • You tell him i dont want to


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