We are not together now so it's not important but just asking.. Do you think he cheated on me?

He studies in another city and when he was there he said he was gonna hide our relationship status and hide our photo because his family said "its not good putting photo with every girl you date" I said OK. Then some events happened and he made our relationship status visible but he insisted on not to add our photo. 7 months passed and I decided to breakup.. While we were talking on phone, he said "look dont.. I think you are right about the photo thing. We should add our photo on facebook."


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  • No - he probably just wasn't very serious about you.

    • hmm why do you think so

    • "its not good putting photo with every girl you date" - sorry to say, but in my opinion if a girl had said that to me I'd have thought she wasn't that into me.

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