What should I do? Ex boyfriend issues advice?

My ex dumped me a a while ago, he was my first, but he blocked me on Facebook after I made a mistake a messaged me another's name, but I miss him, I never cheated. I just don't understand why he so cold...just say something advice? Is he just mad at me?


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  • No contact rule. You're a sucker for love. He knows that. He can have you back when he wants and how he wants. Search no contact and flee as quickly as possible!

    • Do you think he was hurt by the email sent?

    • If you do this to 10 guys out of 10 of course they'd be hurt. We boys get paranoid about the slightest of things. I would to think you were cheating. We conceal ourselves up and hide. You have 2 choices...1.Physically go to him and explain yourself, literally beg if you have to as boys don't think it's genuine most of the time. 2.If 1 fails or you haven't got the confidence to do it, move on. It will hurt but it will be better than waiting around in limbo being forever hurt.

    • We were not together! So how I am cheated we broke up while ago, then he blocked right after he had saw the email. Do you think he still have feelings for me?

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