Do you think he likes me or not?

back in December someone added me on Skype and it looked fake but didn't take much notice and everything was going ok and he asked me out and I said yes anyway we became freiend and then we started dating on and off only cause I didn't know what I wanted and we dated for 4 months and it got mean toward the end when he threatened to kill himself cause he didn't want to loose me and I called the police etc and I'm slowly getting over it and I came back off Easter holidays and my ex bf Cameron asked me do you know jay and I said don't know why and he told me and then a few days later I found out more and it turned out to be the boy who was using that fake account on Skype is my ex jay has pictures of me on his laptop and iPod he told his mum that were going out when were not and he always talks about me to Cameron and searches me up on the Internet and stuff but what I don't get is he's giving me mixed signals like he wanted to go out with me and he went and asked out another girl.oh and he has a girlfriend now.but said maybe to my ask out.
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  • Your too young to understand

    • I'm 16

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    • Ok thanks and yeah I will they usually say they want to be someone they aren't cause they either don't like something about themselves or they won't share anything because they know they'll make a mistake and they won't get found out if they fake there identity *^* :-/

    • Your welcome..)))

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  • Let me understand this. The man speaks of you as if you were going out and has photos of you and is telling people lies about your status and the worst thing you're concerned about is "mixed signals" and if he likes you.


    • And your point is? :-/

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    • What I am trying to say is that he does not like you. That's it.

    • Ohhh okay :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Sweetie, he's still young, and wants to spread his wings, And Not get hooked at the hip with just one girl at his age. And he is this fickle pickle as well.
    Might I suggest you do the same, and play the field.
    There's a lot of fish in the sea, so start fishing.
    Good luck.xx


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