Is she trying to make me jealous or does this mean she always had feelings for him?

When we were dating he always tried to talk to her but she always told me because she didn't want to keep any secrets. She ignored him and stuff. She claimed she had no feelings for him once she got with me. Now that I broke up with her two months ago she is now dating him. They were just FWB. We dated for nine months. Now they are official together. I hate seeing them together. It feels like what we had wasn't real. I saw them together and she looked right at me and gave me a half smile then he tugged her away.


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  • When she was with you she didn't want to be with him, because if she really did she would've dumped you the minute he started talking to her. She really did like you, but things sadly didn't work out between you two and when you guys broke up here came the ex who was tracking every move and waiting for this moment to get a second chance. It happens all the time, sometimes we get back with our exes, but that doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the moments she had with you! What was her half smile communicating to you? It must have been such an awkward moment... Answering your question, it was neither. Feelings can go and come back, don't think she always had feelings for him.

    • I just feel so betrayed in a way it's weird. Even though i left her I feel like I do want her back now.

    • Of course you do, we never know what we have until we lose it. But, remember why you left her and why things didn't work out between you two. You have no need to feel betrayed, you're maybe just a little jealous... It might be better to take a distance from her, and get distracted doing other activities.

    • Maybe I can start hitting the gym... I've been eating ever since I realized what I lost.
      Funny thing I don't remember why things didn't work out.

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  • That's a pretty rotten feeling. But maybe when you guys were together, she did like you. But now she likes this guy.
    There's nothing you can do about it. You will feel terrible for weeks or even months but you will get over it, that much I know. And probably find someone better :)
    Just trying riding this out somehow.

  • Oh gosh this sounds exactly like my ex current boyf and I from what u described except we went out for a little more than a year on and off rather than 9 months. I was passionately in love with my ex but when I went off to college I met this guy in my hall and we became best friends. My ex and I were still going out and I visited his house a few times, but other than that our lives gradually became quite irrelevant from each other. My current bf and I kept becoming closer and closer and towards the end of my relationship with ex I told him about my BFF and admitted that I was still friends with him even though I knew he liked me (a lot). They met each other before and he was being an asshole and I was quite embarrassed. After we broke up I started going out with my current bf. now my ex knows about it. He acts fine and that he's over me but idk. Now he's trying to reconnect over the summer and it's hella awk. I'm sorry of this doesn't answer your q but I don't know food for thought?


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