Ladies, still friends on Facebook with ex. Would you hide your relationship with the new guy from ex?

Though still in love with each other it abruptly ended, no talks, no closure, also not friends in real life. You are still friends on Facebook.
Would you hide your new relationship from him on Facebook? ( meaning you put the ex on a list so he doesn't see anything related to the new guy)
If you hide it, why would you do it?


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  • yes I would, especially if I still had feelings for him. I woulnt want him to know I was seeing someone else.

    • and why would you do that though? would that mean you hope he gets back?

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    • ha ha most definately. She not good enough for you and not your caliber for a gf.

    • "Put yourself in her shoes and think how you might feel if someone told you that" - sure if she'd be willing to switch with me and get in my shoes. But still why would it be that bad to say this? Isn't it still love? Sure i couldn't be there for her, but why does that take away from the fact that i did love her and i confessed it... I don't get it. How she felt? i actually think it helped her get back on her feet because she was acting all hurt because i wasn't doing anything... "oh so the idiot does love me" - ego boost.
      So let's say i would have stayed around her as a "friend" (after all those things she did), do you think she would have ever admitted i was actually right or just think: "oh, well at least we are friends, no need to tell him now!" ?

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  • If I had feelings for him, yes. It's kind of dependent on the specific relationship (s).

    To be honest, if I were still in love with him, I'd probably close my fb account for a bit. No way you can get over someone if it's possible to watch their every move.

  • Depends on how far it is. Frankly, if I had to hide a relationship from an ex then I shouldn't be in a new relationship yet. Or I shouldn't be friends with my ex. You shouldn't care what an EX thinks unless you want them back...and if you shouldn't be moving forward. Too much complication there.

    • yeah, well i'm not friends with her. We just happened to stay friends on Facebook, but otherwise we don't talk anymore.
      I once saw her with another guy, but none of our common friends knows she's dating, nothing appears on her Facebook. AND she still has ALL those things that she posted for me back in the day.

  • No, if I found someone else there's no reason to hide it.

    • How about trying to protect your ex's feelings?
      Thing is she's hiding her new relationship for some reason, and i find it weird.

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  • My opinion also based on the feedback and your responses to it:

    "I love you, but can't be with your right now" is just like saying to someone "I need some space to sort out my emotions." Noone ever feels good when they hear it. Granted, she is seeing someone else and that may be none of your business and that may be how she feels about it. When you reject someone, they usually never come crawling back. In fact, it's usually the one doing the rejecting that comes crawling back. She got the satisfaction of rejecting you back from the sounds of things

    When it comes to being ready: I don't think anyone is ever truly ready for the relationship they are in. They just know they want to be with the person they are with. Try not rationalizing her behaviour either.

    • No it didn''t mean i need to sort out my emotions, because my mind was already made up, but life can be so shit sometimes that it just doesn't let it be. i had to.
      Sure she is seeing someone, good to her, but why hide him? Plus like i've said she was still posting on her Facebook, but she was seeing this guy. Why not say something straight to my face instead. Why this STRANGE behaviour. I wasn't expecting her to come back crawling or beg me to stay, i was expecting her to say i was right, instead she denied it and all the other things she did...
      If that's what love should be about ("she got the satisfaction of rejecting you back") then all it's left for me to do is to laugh at my own stupidity for actually believing in true love.
      I did that with my best intentions to be honest and let the guard down for her.
      "try not rationalizing her behaviour" - i'm not, but she's not making sense at all to me.

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    • "her behaviour not making any sense would indicate the amount of respect she has for you..." -
      like in: "she has no respect for you" ?

      I just don't know how to treat her to be honest, that's what i'm trying to figure out. Treat her like an ex? Like a colleague? Friend? I have no idea. I need to put her in a category and i'm confused on how i should label her...

      Thanks for your time!

    • Just treat her like you would a normal friend would be the best option if I had to deal with that, and forgive her if she were to wrong me.

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