Does my ex boyfriend miss being with me?

My ex and I were together for 5 years. Last month he broke up with me. A large part of the breakup was due to his crazy work schedule and him not having time for anything else. We did not have a bad breakup, it was for the most part amicable. Since the breakup I haven't contacted him first, he has always contacted me first. In the past week he has messaged me on Facebook three times asking how I am and if I'm seeing anyone and so on. He messaged me right when I logged on and did so faster than when we were together.Today I saw him for the first time since the breakup. I was crossing the street and he was on the opposite side further down the street. He saw me first and immediately waved and smiled at me. I waved back very briefly and like a coward quickly looked away and kept walking. Could he still have feelings or just being friendly? I still love him and miss him a lot but I have kept my cool and been very indifferent in my conversations with him.


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  • Sounds to me like he misses you. But please for the sake of humanity tell him how you feel this playing it cool and taking your time is no good, talk to him!


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  • You are one tough woman and guess what, the fact that u r not chasing him is making him probably regret losing the relationship with u.Time will tell how much he actually misses you but for now I can say ,,, hell yes he misses you.


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