Girlfriend broke up with me but she looks at me in class?

My girlfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago she said we could still be friends. I still talk to her but not long conversations and we really only have these mini mini conversations in my 4th period class. But every single period i am have with her, i catch her looking at me example im doing my work and then I turn to ask my friend something I see her looking at me. I get up from my seat in 8th period I see her just glimpse at me also I got moved for talking one time and I was 1 seat aside her so I decided to say hi but she didn't reply what's going on? I talk to her no different then anyone else i dont get shy around her or anything
by the way im 14


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  • That's pretty odd. It hard to say. You should try and bring it up with her.


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