Why would he ask me if his homie can take him wand knowing he won't hesitate to say no?

Why would my ex ask me to take him to a party when one of his closest friends are going as well and he can easily tell him to take him to the party knowing his friend won't say no... He still stares at me but starring can mean anything ( we were together for 3 years )
He still hasn't told his parents that we broke up as well


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  • I think your ex still has feelings for you.He also may want you to make him look good in public if his parents don't know.True staring can mean anything.But if an ex is constanly staring at you then that's a sign that he misses you and thinks about you.Who broke up with who? You or him?

    • He broke up with me... And he still messes around ( playing around like throwing stuff at me ect... ) with me like when we were together I'm not too sure cuz the specific fact that he broke up with me

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    • I dout he was looking for me lol xD but he just text hey but I texted him earlier in the week cuz I found one of his belongings that I came across & I texted him telling him he never replied so it's just sitting there lol but he could have easily just told me inschool or just completely ignore the text but no he he texted "hey" so I was in his mind 😌 feels good lol & I just know I don't want him back in my life like that ever again like I'm form I don't even really want him in my life tbh i wish he regets it's funny I caught him looking right at me today in class (Wednesday 9/3) in stead of turning to the side or gaveling his friends instead he was looking at me cuz I was turned to the side so he saw my face lol cuz I was talking to the girl who sits behind me lol & I caught him slippen πŸ˜‚

    • Lol it is funny that he keeps looking at you and glancing. Lol that is all that he could say is hey. He should had at least texted you back since you have one of his belongings. Lol I really do think he misses you and thinks about. He looks at you a lot and he texted you randomly. so that means that you was definitely on his mind. Lol I am glad it feels good because he put you through a whole lot of drama and nonsense. I am also glad that you don't want him back in your life because he did do a lot of bad things. But he also did some good things. I feel if he really wants you back then he should work or try even harder to get you back and to get your attention. Which he is trying so hard to do to get you to look and pay attention to him. Next I guess he will pass notes around in class and give it to you. Lol. I do really think he regrets what he did but he has to prove more to you.

  • And this is why no one should be friends with ex's


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