I miss My Ex. We broke up almost 4 years ago, but still.. i can’t help. Could you please give me advice?

As i mentioned, we broke up 4 years ago. But we still ’going-out’ for movies, lunch, and something unimportant like for a year after we broke up. I cried almost every night back then because i was still in love him but could do nothing. He is a great guy and a best friend i have, up until now. He have tried to get back to me 4 times but i didn’t want to because i was afraid of losing him again (stupid? yeah..). I couldn’t see another guy up until now. But yes, i have crushed on around 3 different guys so far but never really want to have serious relationship with them.

Now, he has a nice-new-girl-friend. They are going out for almost 2 years now. I have no heart to hurt such a nice girl but i was freaking miss him so i texted him, asked for help (as a best friend). He replied. nicely.

Anyway, i asked him to drive me to the airport to meet my friend before he left for study overseas (actually my crush, he didn’t know it yet, which i think will make him mad by the time he knows it)

I know i am being such a rat, looking for a chance to be with him, my-no-longer-single-ex. i bet he knew it. but he didn’t ignore me anyway.

What do you think? should i leave him alone and forget all about being best friend for life? is what he’s going to do with me considered as cheating?

Search question "Giving crush a ’bye-bye’ gift, yes or no" on Attraction topic to see my story about that airport guy i am going to see. Sorry i am not allowed to give you a link yet :)


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  • That's a toughie. I think you should move on since it has been so many years. He seems to have moved on since he is dating someone new. I think you should pursue your crushes and try to build a new relationship from there.

    I don't think you have to ignore your ex completely but don't try to contact him as frequently. It will help you move on. Hope this helps


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