What are your ways of coping with a bad break-up?

I broke up with the guy I was seeing this past week. It was the best for us both because we didn't see eye to eye on a certain subject. Boundaries were also passed. However now I'm dealing with missing him, my feelings for him, and resentment. The break up and not having him around any more is all I think about and it's sickening me and might ruin my relationships with others because I'm isolating myself. Other than going out with my friends what else can I do to get this off my mind?

What are your ways to get over a painful breakup? Any healthy coping mechanisms? Females and males welcome to reply!!! :)


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  • Breaking up is hard to do, as the old saying goes, and nothing says the after effects are going to be easy, sweetie. But as time goes on, and each day passes, you will have licked each wound, and have finally moved on, for the pain of no gain would have moved on as well.
    Everything is still fresh in your mind and your heart right now. And being things didn't seem as though they were going anywhere, you did the right thing.
    Yes, anyone at this given moment, Whom you would take up company with, would indeed be just a Rebound, so just concentrate on yourself for awhile, do some soul searching, and don't get right back into the swing of any Thing until you feel you are ready and are able to handle it. No one will win, and someone always ends up getting hurt.
    And no one was willing to compromise, I believe you both did what you thought was best...It was Not healthy for either one of you.
    When you are feeling up to it, go out with your friends again and at least socialize. It will get you out and about, for sitting home just moping and mopping up the tears is not healthy, neither.
    You'll get through this, I promise. I can tell you are strong. For you to have Even been smart enough to see you both were not' seeing eye to eye,' tells me you are even stronger to endure what will be a brand new life and future for you.,
    Good luck, I am holding your hand...I feel what you do...xxx

    • Lovely and thorough response. Yes, it is very difficult letting go of some one when you have feelings for them but know it's not best to be together. Thank you.

    • Yes, I know this as well as anyone, believe me...Take care, God bless...xx

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  • Strip clubs for women. Girls don't usually go to a strip club just to see a man dance. They do it for a reason, get over a break up, coping with jealousy because her ugly friend is dating a hot guy, husband is cheating, ect..

    • Although a creative idea.. strip clubs are not my cup of tea, lol.

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  • Being busy usually works for me. When I'm alone, with nothing to do, I always start thinking, so I try to keep myself busy. Hang out with your friends as much as possible, go out, exercise... But yes, just like xPoison said: as cheesy as it sounds, it'll get better with time.

    • I was considering getting back on my work out routine and concentrating on that. Thanks for the response.

  • As cheesy as it sound...it is through time.

  • After a breakup?sometimes we experience about a million different emotions..ranging from happiness to sadness..certainty to confusion/uncertainty..no regret to deep regrets etc. Its normal.

    How to get over a breakup?

    1. Time. I dont mean two weeks or even two months. Time heal all wounds.

    2. Cry it out. The first few weeks/months its okay to cry it out. You're letting go of a lot and sometimes tears is the way you're gonna have to use to express it.

    3. Talk about it. If you have a CLOSE friend, sister, etc that u can talk to about it then please do. I opened up to my sister about it after keeping it all inside. Telling her was a relief she gave me so much valuable advice and encouragement. I use to think I was weak after the breakup but she pointed out that I was actually strong because what I went through with him was not easy and a lot of people wouldve break but I kept going. So if u open up to a trusted friend/family you will get encourgement and they can open your eyes to things u didn't notice like my sister did for me.

    4.Dont keep dragging in the dumpster. Keep it moving. Dont put your life on pause while you try to get over the breakup & let it end up affecting your life. Yeah u had to confide in someone else. yeah u cried about it. So what. You're a human being..u have emotions. But just dont dwell on it and like I said before even in the midst of the tears still keep going. Your life is far from over.

    5. Enjoy your life. Dont let yourself go just because you're single. Still look hot. Excercise. Buy sexy underwear. Pamper yourself.

    6. Start dating again. Personally, I recommend dating someone new when your over the breakup or getting over the breakup. It can help a lot and take your mind off it. I look at dating as trial & error. One day we're gonna just get it right. All the best.

    • Another really great answer. We are really strong when we have put up with a lot and decide to let go. Thank you. appreciate every suggestion.. :)

  • I got a this book, best thing I ever did when I got divorced. It looks silly and unprofessional. 'The Breakup Repair Kit' by Marni Kamins and Janice Macleod.

    I started by reading one (very short) chapter a night. I couldn't put it down and had it done in a week. It's probably only 150 pages. But all it talked about was the stages of breaking up and what to do in each stage. What to do when you want to contact them and how not to. Lots of examples of distractions and mechanisms to deal with it. GREAT BOOK!


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