My ex text me randomly How am I suppposed to feel about this? Does she feel sorry for me or something?

My ex gf broke up with me almost 2 weeks ago. We went out for almost a month. She broke up with for lack of dominance and assertiveness which I tried to show her. But she would playfully reject me sometimes or not really pay attention. My close friend is cousins with her and he invited a friend of his over I dont like. We all know of him. HE pisses me off and I told them the day prior I was just gonna ignore his insults. My ex and friend at that time said I was having a pansy moment. The thing ss they say I take things to seriously. And my ex could be very rude sometimes and my friend plays to much about the relationship we had when we were together. So the guy came over and was poking her in the stomach there already friends. She asked are you gonna say anything?I didn't trying to be more calm instead of the person taking stuff to seriously and getting mad over things. Usally I would have said something But I didnt. When he left she acted normal. Then ignored me 2 days and my text and even while i was at my friends. I apoligized many times but she wouldn't forgive me. I got her favorite food and everything I could do. She rejected it and I left then came back to have a conversation face to face after she greed to iy. Apparently she had her mind made up and wanted to be friends. I didn't want that and she fine with being around me on a normal basis being friends. I dk things apparently dont bother her. So I disagreed and she seemed suprised. THe next day I text an apology about how I reacted and said we could be friends and she said ok. The next day I text her and she was very dry in conversation. I've had a psychiatrist for years about family problems..she didn't know I had one. I just avoided the conversation saying I had to go there. She said oh ok.. A couple days later I was sad and posted on instagram a picture quote about missing my relationship. She unfollowed me. 2 weeks. Then out of nowhere she text me. Then said she was just checking on me. . I
SHe was pretty rude with everthing why is she trying to be nice? I know she doesn't want to get back together. SHe told me when we broke up the only way is if I worked on my assertiveness and dominance then maybe it could work again in the future


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  • she cared about you once and she saw you were sad and wanted to make sure you were alright. i wouldn't read too much into it. plus if she broke up with you over that she doesn't seem like someone worth getting back together with even if the opportunity came along.


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  • Move on she cares as a friend.

  • myay she is worried that you where sad


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