So my ex gf and I are talking?

So me and my ex decide to talk again. I broke it up cuz the situation was just not where I wanted the relationship to go. She slept with her friend when we was on break. Even thou I had forgiven her she wanted to keep him in her life. Soon he went to boot camp (marine) for 3 months and everything was fine. When he came back he threatened the relationship by getting between our relationship. She messaged me later that day wanting to be friends so she can work on herself. I didn't buy that bs and broke her off.

I took the time to work on myself and soon started enjoying myself. I dated again and concentrated at school even more.

5 months she contacts me. Telling she wanted to fix things. I end up agreeing 2 days later only if we start out as friends to build the trust back. We go on a couple dates and I realize that I may be young but I did love this girl. I know crazy right? What do I know about love? I dated and fool with enough girls thinking it was love, but I never felt it like this. She said she felt the same way. This giving a second chance was a both for us.

But we stumble upon her wearing her friend dog tag. I tell her about it and she ends up promising not to wear it again. Hasn't so far. She won't add me on Facebook, but I have friends who are her friends with her I have nothing to worry about.

We soon have a conversation about our relationship.

Her: I dnt want to mess Anything up. I want to do right by u and everybody else that I love.

Me: I respect that. I just don't want you to feel like I'll do you wrong or try to hurt you in anyway. I just want to protect our relationship. I don't want to be afraid to talk to you at all

Her: I want to do things right.

Me: What is doing "right" mean to you?

Her: Us being friends taking things slow. To be sure we both want to do this again.


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  • so what do you want to get out of this? do you want to be with her? she seems like a lovely girl but are you bugged that you might lose her again to her friend. if she really wants to make this thing that you guys have work than i think give it a go. you did say that you love her and haven't felt this way about any other girl in your life. i know the feeling about love because I've been there. if you feel like you guys clicked like the first time you guys met than i think give it a go. thers no point of ending it when things are already starting to get better by the day.

    • Yea. I mean so many people say let it go and all that, but I'm starting to realize that even thou they know the plot not all the outcome will be the same.

      If she's willing to protect the relationship and drop those that are intent on harming it then why drop her?

      Yea I thought love was going to be easy and perfect, but it's not. Love isn't defined by that logic.

      Trust me I'll let go the minute I feel she's not in it no more.

      But I do believe second chances are ideal. I have friend who married their ex's and couldn't be happier

    • love isn't mean to be easy. It isn't a straight line like everyone think it is, it has curbs and crossroads. It can bring you the best thing in your life and the worst thing so use it wisely. 2nd chances are for people who have faith in their ex partner and i think you guys will be fine it will just take time

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  • "So my ex gf and I are talking?"

    Yes, yes it appears you are.

    You need to kick her to the curb man. Seriously.

    • Why? If her actions show she's willing to put in the effort why drop her?

    • -She slept with another guy.
      -She continued to wear the other guy's dog tags even after getting back together with you.
      -She won't add you on Facebook, which is highly suspicious.

      It sounds like you are wasting your time.

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