Why if she broke my heart keeps texting me then when I start to talk to her texts me to go away?

Okay so my ex and I have broke up and I've been trying hard for us to be together she choose her family over me and so I stop trying so much because it was hurting me how she would tell me to go away and tell me that it's over but when I finally say okay fine I'm
Gone she will say I didn't love her and that this and that. I then told her tonight "Maybe your right I am an asshole and a bad boyfriend and I should be with anyone that's probably why. Everyone always leave me" and then I told her why I didn't reply to her I was out and stuff. Then she send me a baby picture but took the profile picture of me and her kissing down while I left ares up and said I didn't love her we started texting and then I overly texting he sayin what's up and then she told me to leave her alone her moms yelling at her but like she texted me first should I ignore her I don't want to do that I love her no other girl is worth this much pain but she is or should I keep talking to her and keep going through these mixed emotions to find out later she doesn't love me anymore. Her mom made her break up with me and her grandparent too. But why am I treated like shit there to much drama going on. And this is bullshit. I may not he perfect but I did try hard and put my all into this relationship. Wtf to do move on. Because I ask her questions and she just ignore them. Wait for her when she clearly breaking my heart and telling me to move on. It's mother day to day and I cried in my grandmother arms and I told her and she just brushed it away like shit. Not cool.


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  • Yeah, no offense, but she sounds a bit bipolar. .
    I would say to just stop talking to her, move on with your life, and be happy! You gotta do you, all she's doing is dragging you down for her own enjoyment.
    She isn't worth it, you can do so much better!

    • I know but I'm so in love with her and it's killing me she just started talking to her ex to get over me. I think it's not right.

    • I know exactly how you feel, trust me. My ex did the same shit to me.

      But if you keep letting her do this to you, you'll never be happy. Start making choices that make YOU happy, and if someday she pulls her head out of her ass and realizes you are the only one she wants then by all means, give it a go. But I really think that it would be in your best interest to try and move on.

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  • She has major issues, mah man. Lots of girls have emotional and mental issues. DO NOT try to understand and FIX them. That is a failed mission. What you should do instead is be completely non-reactive to her shit-tests. Do not respond to her texts at all even if she says she needs you, wants you, or whatever. Just ignore them completely. It's best if she sees your partying or hanging out with other women on fb. In the future, feel free to friends with benefits her but never date this kind of psycho.


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