Broke up with him and now I regret it. I'm not taking what I initiated myself very well and he's ignoring me. Help, now I'm being clingy!?

I broke up with my s/o last week because I'm afraid that since he has been a HUGE player for so many years he will end up cheating on me too. I wanted to know how we can go about this and whether we need help to go over trust and his issues with infidelity and possible sex addiction. I tried talking things out with him and he was receptive but it was so late at night and he seemed distant probably due to being tired so I told him I didn't really think he cared whether or not I was around in his life and I said good bye and deleted him on my social medias. I realized about a day later I blew things out of proportion and was a bit of a drama queen. Since then he didn't contact me. I was planning on doing the no contact rule and see if he would come around but at the 4th day I gave in and Facebook messaged him at night. He responded "well, you told me bye so I took it as if you didn't want me in your life. That is what bye means." I messaged him and told him that I had felt emotional and that it was a call for attention because I felt he was distant in a time that I found it was important to talk. I noticed he read the message and an hour past by but he didn't answer. Then I sent another message asking him that if he was no longer interested in us that he should be blunt and tell me... He read it within seconds and didn't respond to it either. I thought at that point I'd get a "no I'm not interested. It's time to move on" anything.. but no. I realize I am making matters worse by being clingy and sending him message after message. I hate this. Usually I am not this way and he had complained in the past of me giving him too much space. But I feel panicky. Could it be that he is trying to move on? Why is he not answering? What should I do?


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  • I would just wait it out. If he wants to contact you then he will. Being clingy and in a panic isn't helping your case.


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