Is there something going on between my wife and her ex?

I think there is something brewing between my wife of 15 years and an old friend of mine Peter. Peter and my wife were fuck buddies back in college and I met her through him. Recently they started commenting on FB about how each other looked so good etc. This got me irritated so I asked my wife what was up. She told me I was delusional.

Then she left her FB open on the family computer and I see that she has send a string of emojis to him in a private message. I mean who private messages a string of emojis to an ex sex partner aka [a truly 'great' friend], it's like a school girl flirting. I brought this up during our marriage counseling session and a like always a big fight broke out. After our session my wife gets home 45 minutes after I do [we left in separate cars from the same place]. Then a few minutes after she gets back my old pal Peter posts a picture of him and I back in the day with the caption "One of my favorites!". I haven't had any communication with this guy in 15years, no calls, no emails, no FB post comments, nothing. Then to top it off exactly 1 hour after he posted the picture he adds the comment "I'm guessing no comment from Jim". Am I to believe that this is a coincident, that after our marriage counseling session I get those messages - am I being paranoid or is he trying to 'feel me out'.
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I forgot to mention she insisted I drop Peter as a friend as soon as we got married. Then earlier this year when I complained how I never see my old friends she told me how Peter tried to get in her pants after we got married


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  • Yeah there is something going on. Maybe not something physical or anything but they already have past history and seem like they are engaging in inappropriate flirting and reliving past things.Since you are already in marriage counseling before this there is already a deep strain on the relationship and old friend Peter seems to be the "shoulder to lean on for support", it is also not a coincidence at all that he popped up on FB. She ran and told him right away what happen at your session.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Definitely in Emotional Affair mode, you agree?

    • Yeah I think so. Reminiscing of old times how time where before and then flirting a bit I think is happening. It is poor in taste and a slap in the face to you and your marriage for her to associate with him especially during this delicate part in your marriage.

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  • Definitely sounds like something is up.

    Also, if your wife tells you to stop being friends with someone, then she's a shitty wife. Why would you marry someone, who wants to control who you're allowed to be friends with?

    I like how at first she didn't want you to do anything with Peter and is now messaging him all the time and then he posts that pic and tags you with sweet talk after no contact for 15 years. Hmm...

    Yeah, you married a hoe. Sorry, brah.

    • No my dear, I'm the one who's sorry!

    • I think it's time to corner her.

      Tell her you know everything. Most people break under that sort of pressure and confess. Just ask leading on questions, she'll make up her own verdict.

      "So... I've just found out. When were you going to tell me?"
      "I know everything now, . Please don't lie to me. Or should I go ahead and ask him instead?"

  • I don't think your friend Peter is a genuine loyal friend. I think he may have feelings for her if he started a conversation first with your wife on Facebook...I don't know though but the situation isn't good. Rocky waters. The flirtaciousness between them is not good especially if it's excessive and/or she lies to you about talking with him or acts extra nervous when you bring up Peter.


What Guys Said 3

  • ...Why would you even marry a girl who was fuck buddies with your friend in the first place?

  • I would get all the best divorce lawyers on retainer ASAP, bro. She's up to no good for sure.

    • Sounds like the pic was to try to make you feel more at ease with whatever they're doing/planning.

    • After the divorce, do yourself a favour. Date someone way younger and hotter and don't get married again lol.

  • methinks the lady doth protest too much.


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