My ex girlfriend and issues currently?

After splitting with me in jan after myself making a drunken mistake along with a few other issues my ex gf split with me. After the break up we continued to talk and met a few times for coffee walks but always spoke on the phone. A lot of it was myself trying to prove my worth to her but in the end it was just battling and going round in circles. She would blow hot and cold and all we did was battle. Up until a few weeks ago she said we needed some time and space apart and that no other man was involved. Two weeks past and last week I got drunk text and rang her. She rang straight back and we talked and she said after I asked she would have been in touch but it's only been two weeks. She said she does think about me and that we both agreed to have some time and space apart. We left the convo her promising she will be in touch in a couple weeks. It's been a week now and although ur mind runs away with u I'm wandering wether she will be in touch, as before she said I've not been a man of my word wen telling her id leave her alone. Then contact her a few days lata. what do u think? what chances if her calling if I continue with the nc? Thanku for reading


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  • Firstly, Don't Do anything silly when you've had a few under your belt. That will certainly Kill Any Opportunity you may have in getting back with her.
    No, give her space. You take some too for yourself. Let her do the initiating, as she has 'Promised' to do.
    Absence does make the heart grow fonder, so be patient. If it's meant to be, ol' Mother Nature will reap the seeds you wish to sow. And while you both are apart, do some serious soul searching as to what you have learned from any mistakes you both have made.
    The more you stir up a whirl wind, the less 'Chances' you'll have. Sit tight, and no matter what the outcome, maybe you could at least end up as friends.
    Good luck.xx


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