Heartbroken Need Help ASAP: what would u do if this was your love?

My ex of six years broke up with me. The reason was to find himself and be single. Howvever he is dating someone now and im so heartbroken. He is my soul mate and I don't know what to do. I have nt spoke to him in a couple of months and i really wanna win him back, Any guys advice on the issue please.Is there hope


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  • First im sorry you are going through that. I;m going through the same thing with my ex.


    Tbh i doubt you could win him back due to him already found another girl. I find working out and making the other person jelly if you can helps. My advice is workout to get your confidence up and meeting new people. Always hang out with your friends and always be doing something. If you are bored you will think about him and be even more heartbroken i found.

    If you wanna talk about anything just message me.

    Hope this helps *hug*

    • The funny thing is he promises to come back

    • Yeah most of the time people who say that never come back. Happened to me before many times. I rather a person not say they want to be with me rather them saying they promise to come back. :/

      Wanna talk about it?

    • Follow want to message

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  • I'm afraid the only thing to do is take it on the chin and move on. I'm sorry you feel like this, we've all been through this and it's not easy, I know that... but, this is life.

  • hugs.. Im sure you could find someone better.


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