What if your ex gf lost weight, got a new wardrobe and just seemed all around different?

How likely is it that you would give her another chance? How likely is it that you would be happy for her and not look back?

Meaning she was the girl you fell for again not the girl you broke up with or started ignoring.


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  • Wow you changed yourself for him, you do realize that you will find even BETTER now and he will be like "is that ex? WTF?"

    I would be glad to show him middle finger than go back to him

    • You're right! I think I just hate starting over

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  • If he broke up with you because of the weight, you have a shot. Otherwise, people don't really change.


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  • Why would you go back to an asshole? I'd find someone new if I were you.

    • Easy to say. Hard to do.
      My weights not an issue doing it because I want to lol

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    • Keep making up excuses for yourself.

    • That is what in doing isn't it?

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