Have you ever been hated by an ex who treated you so well? What happened?

Have you ever been hated by an ex who used to treat you very well and go to great lengths to see you happy? If so, what happened? What was it that you did to make them hate you? How did you get over making such a good person despise you?


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  • So I probably have been on both sides of this. One time I did something pretty terrible to a really awesome girl that literally changed the direction of her life. I haven't seen her but there is just no way it was for the better. I basically wanted to hook up with an Italian chick and the girl I was with was acting pretty looney ( also my fault) but not wanting to cheat on her in a bizarre moment I kinda gave a buddy who's good at women the low down and handed her off to to this friend and some how it worked out with her accepting the situation. This girl was engaged when we met to a gun toting asshole I hadn't seen in a few years but still when I met her she was engaged and starting an art studio recently sober ok. The results of one rash not clear thinking move was her wrecking her car totally not sober and a military friend saw her down at a recruiting center shortly after.
    If she doesn't despise me she should and I hope I always feel horrible about it but I guess you can say Im always getting over it by treating people better and thinking twice before doing anything important when im in a relationship. I thought about tracking her down but that's just be more selfishness for my own closer so i haven't.
    *since it isn't what u asked i won't go into details about the woman I despise and won't forgive a thing, but let's just say if karma's a thing I've provably done other bad things Im just not aware of. I'd say intentional evil and callous selfishness aren't very far apart but there is something significant about the distance. I don't know if that's helpful but I don't have more to say about the 1st story. feel free to ask If you'd like details of the 2nd. If you did something to warrant their hatred I really think getting over it shouldn't be your goal but you may feel better if u own it make it part of you and live w/o out a repeat proformace to validate your regret... this is atonement


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  • [moaning, crying] y-yeah [weeping into handkerchief] I-I'm not really... over it yet [sniffle]

    • You sound like an insensitive b*tch.

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    • what lead up to it if you don't mind me asking?

    • uhm... she wanted a boyfriend. We were like, 16-17, and she felt like, yeah sure I have you but I want a BOYFRIEND (we weren't technically together long story) & bleh, he was real bad news & told her a lot of shit about me & accused me of rape? and she believed him and she left me & sent me a bunch of hurtful messages, idk. I mean there's more to it than that lol but yeh.

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  • Told him I was pregnant and needed him.


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