Ex is treating me like shit after break up?

He was the one who broke up with me when I needed him the most so I should be the one treating him like shit. I was/am still heartbroken so I didn't feel like talking to him but my sister kept nagging me to go talk to him saying he was the baby's father and I needed his support financially. So I did and he told me it wasn't his problem and he didn't give a f what I did and wouldn't provide for me. I am lost and confused. I don't get how he can be so sweet while we were dating and turn into a different person that I don't even recognize. I don't understand how he can forget me, forget everything...we ever had, so easily. He told me that he loved me, but I guess he was just planning to use me and then dump me. I feel so alone.
Oh shit this was suppose to be anonymous


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  • You know what they say, you find out more about the person after a break up than when you were with them.
    Obviously he treated you well, he loved you/cared deeply for you.
    After someone breaks up with you, you should know that they probably don't care as much, if at all, anymore.
    I know it's hard to digest but it's just a fact of life and you've got to accept it.
    You'll find someone who'll treat you better than he did, and if someone really ever card about you, he'll never stop caring.

    • If he really loved me then he wouldn't have dumped me when I told him I was pregnant.

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    • And he has to help with child support. There's no way out for him. You could file a court case against him.

    • I know right!!! It's so hard to forget him :/. Thxx!! :)

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  • What is yours and his real age?

    Not only should you respect other people, but you should demand the same degree of respect for yourself. You should never put up with any kind disrespect from anyone, especially a person you are in love with. You will have a much better chance of keeping a guy interested in you if you stand up yourself, than if you allow him to walk all over you.

    Have you tried to talk about it to your parents? :/

    • Uhhhm we're both 16. I did stand up for myself, but it just ended badly. We started arguing. I can't really discuss this with my parents lol their Pakistani Muslims...my mom knows about him and my situation but she isn't talking to me abd my dad doesn't know.

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    • But I need parental consent!! I shouldn't yah!! Thxx

    • At some point in their life, they'll know about it.
      Better sooner than later.
      Good luck and take care.

  • Get a court order for a paternity test. He doesn't have a choice about helping you financially and on top of that I want to add that Im assuming the only reason you haven't is that he is over 18 and you are a minor still; you need to think about what your kid needs if you plan to have it and this assholes legal circumstances be damned. Fuck that guy. If you can't or won't do that consider carefully if you really want to, are mentally ready and prepared to, or even capable of being a mother right now (4 options adaption_Z, this is for you) Should you be concerned just about and fee's associated with getting a court ordered paternity I believe it can be done without even having to hire a lawyer just by going to your local court house and start by talking to a hearing officer. I'm fairly certain the man is responsible for the test fee if he is in fact the father of the child he's denying but if you have the wrong guy go in I think you would then be accountable for the test fees. Im pretty sure the same applies for any court fees although there maybe a small amount of money required to process the form depending on state but the system is designed to work in your favor in every way on this issue,,, seriously don't think twice and slap some papers on this dude and waste no time in doing so

  • by law, he HAS to pay. you can sue him if he doesn't pay child support, and youd win

    • also, if it's not born yet, there's always abortion. you can also give it up to adoption. there are options but yeah, like i said, by law, he has to pay child support

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    • I think she was a troll, bro.
      You can get the idea just by looking at her responses.

    • Ya, I kind of figured

  • We men have the unique ability to lie about entire relationships.

  • Just wanted to comment that you can now change your post to Anonymous after posting. :-)


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  • How old are you both? Are you planning on keeping the baby? If so you can possibly pursue legal action. A DNA test can determine if he is or not the father.
    by the way click on the anon box and you can change it.

    • 16. Yes. Oh wow I'm so dumb lol thxx!! I probably won't make it anonymous, it's too late

    • Your call on both accounts. If I were you I would not allow anyone to talk and/or treat me that way.

  • So basically he broke up with you when he found out you were pregnant.

    To be honest, I have no sympathy for you. You managed to get knocked up before turning 18. Congrats on having unprotected sex.

    You're a teenager, of course your first loves are the sweetest kindest be together forevurrr. Those are your hormones pumping you up, thinking life is grand and the guy you're currently with is the bestest.

    Your ex was always a douche, you just never noticed it because you were blinded by love.

    Learn from your mistakes, move on, make a better life for yourself.

    And get a Nexplanon. Good luck.


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