Should I contact my ex girlfriend? I just want to know how is she doing?

Me and my ex girlfriend of 3 months relationship, went through some really difficult situations from girl's family side which led to a breakup, I initiated it, she respected the decision but she completely went to no contact for over 3 months... The breakup happened in September last year.
We used to be really great friends for over 4 years before we went in to relationship.

She never used to initiate any contact ever since we broke up, but she always will reply to any conversation I make... Also, she hesitates to meet me but is cool with text messages... This was like 3 months ago, I dont know what the situation can be now cos I am not in contact with her for 5 months (since January).

I honestly miss her a lot and want to know how she is doing... I don't know if a relationship will work out at this point, but I want to contact her without any expectations of a relationship, just because I care for her I want to know how is she doing

Should I contact her? What should I ask her?


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  • Yes, you should contact her. Your dtory reminds me so much of mine with the only difference that he never contacted me... We broke up last September too and all I've ever wished was for him to just contact me once. I would even get back with him if he wanted that. In our relationship too, the breakup happenend due to problems in his family. They didn't aprove of me...
    You should contact her..
    Tell her how you feel..
    If I were her, I would definitely take you back...
    I am living with the hope that my guy too would come back to me...

    • I am sorry to hear it, I hope he contacts you soon :)

      My problem is that, I don't want to hurt her again in ANY way, and the issues are from Her family end. They are really wayyy conservative. She wanted to be with me and was ready to leave her family for that, but lots of things would have messed up, so we decided to end the relationship. But I never expected she will Completely stop talking with me, she was my first love. I had no idea that these could have happened...

      Now if I contact her she may also hope to get back (in a relationship) with me which I also want. But then again the family issues will come up and this time it might get even more intense. I dunno, may it wont, but what if it does? We again have to separate and that will again hurt her.

      I am just so confused right now... :(

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    • Thanks :)

    • Thanks for MH. Happy to help! :)

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  • Well maybe she still likes you? She could possibly be keeping distance to try and get over you. If you all of a sudden contact her now and don't have any intentions of getting back with her then what's the point?
    I'm sorry but exes being "just friends never works" one of you is going to end up getting hurt again.

  • Only contact her if you want to get back with her


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